Steps To Become a CSP Agent/ Open A CSP


Company Requirement

1.150/200 sq feet a room

2.One Counter

3.In Front of Counter a Adequate Space

4.One PC (a Desktop or Laptop)

5.Power Backup Machine

6.Internet Connectivity

7.Laser Printer Scanner

Company Provides (Free of Cost)

1.Finger Print device

2.Digital Banner

3.Web Camera

4.Thumb Impression Machine


1.fill the form and attach the document who required

2.And send the document with form scan copy on recognised company mail id


Whenever your form and documents received the company then verified your document and location


To make a file name of you and send to VLE Department

Step 5:

Your location verified then vle registration under going process at that time send the money of your registration fee 5600 all over your investment is 15600 left of money you pay when your omt I’d is generated

Step 6:

Check your omt I’d on company site in vle login area

Step 7:

1.Od/Settlement account open

2.Your 5 years agreement

Step 8:

Company send a team in your location

Step 9

Fully purpose training, approval to main branch and setup your shop

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